spam acronym meat eya 1,961 views Originating from the name of Hormel's canned meat, "spam" now also refers to junk e-mail or irrelevant postings to a newsgroup or bulletin board. Common preparations include Spam-and-egg breakfast dishes, fried rice and sandwiches. My husband loves to regale dinner guests with his wealth of knowledge about the canned chopped-ham product whose acronym stands for Spiced Pork and Ham. Favourite meat could be lamb with mint, or proper beef (not the burgermeat kind). Depending on the source, the spam is an acronym for Shoulder of Pork and hAM or SPiced hAM. When you spend 36 years with a meat processor who is also a trivia buff, it’s a sure bet the history of Spam comes up every now and then. Get the definition of SPAM in Gaming by All Acronyms dictionary. This meat product was invented in 1937. Although the meaning of the name ‘Spam’ is unclear, many believe Spam is a shortened version of ‘spiced ham’ or possibly an acronym for ‘Specially Processed American Meat’. M. At several points, they are interrupted by vikings singing the praise of SPAM. The first two letters of "spiced" and the last two of "ham". soldiers diet. But once it was solely a food product, either an abbreviation of “Spiced Ham” or an acronym SPAM’s Carbon Footprint II. Spam the meat product, produced by the George A. Spam has been the butt of jokes for decades, even lending its name to the unforgettable Monty Python sketch of a waitress in drag in a diner offering only dishes made with the stuff (eggs and Spam acronym to the public, the soldiers began describing the food as “SPecial Army Meat”. VOA: special. But if you don’t eat kimchi, I can’t help you there. , the makers of Spam and zealous protectors of its trademark, will be quick to remind you. S. SPAM has been a popular brand of tinned meat products recognized in different parts of the world and celebrated in the U. Usually seen in forums and ema Using our free SEO "Keyword Suggest" keyword analyzer you can run the keyword analysis "Spam Acronym" in detail. In case you were wondering, "spam" isn't an acronym for "something posing as meat" or "specially processed American meat. SPAM is 80 today - here is the story behind the tinned meat Liverpool loves. Times, Sunday Times (2010) Spam or junk e-mails are unsolicited messages sent in bulk. Hormel, of course, is the maker of SPAM, the meat-like substance. [1] To combat spam, many online entities use spam filters that target and remove emails that, at the very least, meet those legal criteria. k. People have been enjoying different Happy birthday, Spam. I’ve decided that I may end up having this as Christmas dinner every year now, it is THAT good! Go find it in your local store, or you can buy Jalapeno Spam here on Amazon . 04. After all, you should crave it, not save it. soldiers during World War II. S izzle P ork A nd M mm ™. Spam came to mean "junk email" by analogy to a Monty Python's Flying Circus skit, wherein a restaurant's good food is drowned out by the spam, much like good content is drowned by spam on the Internet. . of Austin, Minn. And Sinpopo improvised them by making them into delicious and addictive crisps. Before “spam” was a word that represented unwanted emails, it was a word that represented the successful repackaging of unwanted meats. P. Check your email account to see if it provides a tool to filter out potential spam or to channel spam into a bulk email folder. Spam is not an acronym. Like the song, spam is an endless repetition of worthless text. SPAM ® brand lovers: Take your SPAM ® variety out of the cupboard now and experience its sizzling goodness. It appears that the pork mystery meat treat means “quick cash” in the Spam black market. ” My favorite scene in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath (b. It's had something of a love-hate affair with the use of the word "spam" for email, originally hating it, but later growing to Which brings many to the playground lunch lore of Spam’s acronym “Scientifically Processed Animal Matter” or canned cat food. I was told "SPAM" is short for something. By the way, "spam" is a word, not an acronym, so it's not "SPAM" or "S. [38] In the Philippines, Spam is a popular food item and seen as a cultural symbol. Some say that it is an acronym: "Specially Processed American Meat". Hormel does have an official answer to what it stands for - and that answer is that the Spam is a brand name for a canned meat product containing ham, pork, salt, flavorings, and preservatives that are mixed and cooked under vacuum pressure. The unsolicited e-mail messages you receive about refinancing your home, reversing aging, and losing those extra pounds are all considered to be spam. Others have said that it stands for "Shoulders of Pork and HAm". but also the bashing of the entire meat industry. Then, salt, sugar and the rest of the ingredients are added and mixed for 20 Looking for the definition of SPAM? Find out what is the full meaning of SPAM on Abbreviations. SPAM is an acronym for SPAM THE WONDER MEAT It is believed Spam is an acronym of "Shoulder of pork and ham" or a contraction of these 2 words "Spam on a Rope" for snacking in the Spam stands for "spiced ham". He When you spend 36 years with a meat processor who is also a trivia buff, it’s a sure bet the history of Spam comes up every now and then. It's sometimes said that spam emails were associated with being "fake" messages in the same way that SPAM is called fake meat, but there is little to substantiate this. Wiki sites one source of the name might be "Special Processed American Meat". It doesn't stand for anything. A reverse acronym for the modern age, here the word spam refers to unwanted bulk messages or postings typically via internet technology. Spam is often filled with pointless messages or repeatingly saying the same word, or an advertisement in something. An acronym, for those who have forgotten, is a word comprised from the initial components or letters in a phrase. Ham. Acronym Finder has 35 verified definitions for SPAM Tinned meat brand SPAM recently celebrated its 80th birthday and with it comes the revelation of what the letters S. Spamming remains economically viable because advertisers have no operating costs beyond the management of their mailing lists, and it is difficult to hold senders accountable for their mass mailings. He spam definition: Spam is a brand of canned ham, or mass marketing junk emails sent out to millions of recipients without their request. Mix all of the above ingredients in a steam tray. If you're making my style of macaroni salad you can replace the chopped ham with chopped Spam. ” And of course, it’s the subject of a Monty Python classic skit and play. In 1937, the Hormel Foods Corporation (USA) started selling minced sausage made from out-of-date meat. I eat a variety of meat products, but eat proper meat more than junk. The term was supposedly coined from a Monty Python comedy sketch in the early 1970s, in which every meal in a restaurant contained SPAM, Hormel's processed meat (in England in World War II, SPAM The etymology of the word spam is fascinating. There's nothing better than Spam. SPAM is defined as [not an acronym] Answer: Spam was originally called ''Hormel Flavor-Sealed Ham'' after its inventor. Spam was introduced by Hormel in 1937. You can love an even bigger space or room with a lot more independence to transfer finally, enjoy yourself with no constraints. Online Slang Dictionary. Can Do: Like a terrible, horrible Manifest Destiny--Spam is as American as mom, apple pie, and baseball. 2. Something Posing As Meat. 1) "Spam" is an acronym for Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages. The name was the winner of a contest the company ran in 1937 to come up with a name for its luncheon meat product. "Spam" doesn't stand for anything. 50 a can. By war’s end, the military had bought, shipped, and served roughly 150 million pounds of Spam. The combination of meat and other ingredients was the subject of a Definition of spam - irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, Spam (spăm) A trademark for a canned meat product consisting primarily of chopped pork pressed into a loaf. Another school of thought maintains that it comes from the computer group lab at the University of Southern California who gave it the name because it has many of the same characteristics as the lunch meat Spam: A can of Spam meat made by the Hormel Foods Corporation is pictured outside a store in front of a delivery truck in Silver Spring, Maryland, on July 5, 2012. But after grinding and the addition of spices, they become quite SPAM (The Food Item) First, let's get the ingredients out of the way. " I heard as a joke that The truck serves up dishes featuring Spam recipes by Food Network personality Sunny Anderson, including coconut Spam spears and kimchi Spam musubi croissants from Sharon Wang of Sugarbloom Bakery. The word spam became popular in 1970 due to BBC comedy sketch Monty Python, in which the name of meat product was mentioned 108 times. The term was inspired by the Monty Python comedy troupe, which did a bizarre, hilarious sketch about a restaurant where every dish contains the canned meat Spam. Define SPAM at AcronymFinder. Animal products (eggs, meats, dairy) have mostly heme iron and plant products have nonheme iron. So far Asians seem to like it best and you can even find it on the McDonald's menu in Hawaii. " Iron is an essential nutrient that is available in both PLANTS and ANIMALS. From there, the transition from meat product to internet term has a stop with Monty Python's Flying Circus. Each " ~ " indicates a missing or incomplete value. The term "spam" comes from a Monty Python sketch where patrons order from a menu where nearly every course rattled off contains SPAM, a type of processed meat. SPAM has been around since the 30s and part of the military diet since World War 2. SPAM - [not an acronym] written spam -- slang name for Unsolicited SPAM stands for [not an acronym] written spam -- slang name for Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE; junk/bulk email). It was first introduced in 1937 and gained popularity worldwide after its use during World War II. Crew sends us Share A Brief History of Spam, an American Meat Icon. It's not an acronym. 50 years of increasing there Dividend. The product has become part of many jokes and urban legends about mystery meat, which has made it part of pop culture and Another popular explanation is that Spam is an acronym standing for "Specially Processed American Meat" or "Specially Processed Army Meat". spit definition: Spit is saliva, or the act of ejecting saliva, or a thin, pointed rod or bar for roasting meat directly over a fire. Nevertheless, whether it is Spam or Purefoods or Swifts, here is a good way to enjoy your luncheon meat. Specially Processed American Meat SPAM-- yes, the trademark is in all caps-- is a purported acronym, although we're not quite sure what it stands for. Get the definition of SPAM by All Acronyms dictionary. I dont see much comparison between spam and any kind of ham, but there you are. According to a USA Bonjour, j'ai lu dans plusieurs article où l'on disait que SPAM est en effet un acronyme mais je n'y suis jamais arrivé à trouver lequel. Spam is a cooked meat product made from pork and ham. Semi-Processed-Almost-Meat: SPAM [not an acronym] written spam SPAM as acronym: Salted Pink Amorphous Meat It defines itself--Paul Bench, bier@mill. Our 'Attic' has 59 unverified meanings for SPAM. 86 Likes, 1 Comments - Jahan Loh (@jahan_) on Instagram: “Thanks for swinging by #Repost @nataliatangling ・・・ The art piece by the creative & talented…” 1937. Mine is… A reverse acronym for the modern age, here the word spam refers to unwanted bulk messages or postings typically via internet technology. Spam, as a description of unwanted e-mail, is not an acronym. SPAM Full Form is Something Posing As Mail. The original term Spam was coined in 1937 by the Hormel corporation as a name for its potted meat product: a blend of spiced ham. This revolutionary new product won over the hearts of soldiers, world leaders, celebrities, chefs, kids and parents. Austin, Minnesota is known as “SPAM town USA”, not for internet spam, but for the fact that the town produces all of the food product SPAM sold in North America, South America, and Australia. The word ‘Spam’ is a portmanteau of “spiced ham”, though the product was originally known as Hormel Spiced Ham. (acronym) Oct 05, 2018. One reason Spam was sometimes called “mystery meat” was because people didn’t know the meaning of the acronym. 25, 2008 Spam Turns In 2003, as inboxes were being flooded with unwanted email spam, the United States federal government took action with the passing of the CAN-SPAM law. $100 in 1937 would be worth nearly $1,800 in today's money! See More What does SPAM mean? This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of SPAM explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms. " However, during WWII,the term was changed into an acronym meani … ng Special ProcessedAmerican Meat. Hormel did a successful fresh-meat business, but all fresh meats basically looked similar, which All the boys out here think Spam is the best meat product in the world. By the Great Depression, George's son Jay was heavily involved in the company. Hormel in the late 1890s in Austin, Minn. Meat and Poultry. The truest beginnings of the term are in question, but one history suggests that back in the old IRC (internet relay chat) days, users who wanted to annoy others' conversations would continuously dump the words to the spam song/skit into the channel. Michael Amsler. That would indicate an acronym. 19 The process of making it is a simple one, according to SPAM’s website: First, the pork and ham are pre-ground. Over 7 billion cans of SPAM have been sold. It was a cheap way to get your fix of meat and it seemed to last for ever. Ham is a cut of meat from the thigh of the hind leg of an animal, usually a pig. What's really in SPAM? Biologists say it's a Can of nematodes. It is also popular belief that SPAM is an acronym standing for “Specially Processed American Meat”. If you truly are not an adventurous eater, I suppose you could substitute in “real” meat (in Korea, Spam is made with real meat!) and maybe some Korean glass noodles. 1. It is mostly made of pork shoulder meat and homey. "Spam" as a trade name for canned luncheon meat was, according to the Hormel website, invented by Kenneth Daigneau at a New Year's Eve party thrown by Jay Hormel in 1936. Mark Otaris wrote: It is not an acronym or abbreviation. You meticulously ensure your campaigns steer away from the actions strictly forbidden in the CAN SPAM Act of 2003. There are some who say Spam is an acronym standing for "Specially Processed American Meat" or "Specially Processed Army Meat. It got popular in the UK during WW2. a brand name for a type of meat sold in metal containers, made mostly from pork (= meat from a pig): 2. —founded in the late 1890s as a fresh meat business — under the much more plebian name of Hormel Spiced Ham. While they are both “iron”, they are two different chemical forms of iron. Spam (shortened from spiced ham) is a canned precooked meat product made and trademarked by the Hormel Foods Corporation, first introduced in 1937. acronym of Still Pending Another Mail first spammy emails were meat adverts Spam (shortened from spiced ham) is a canned precooked meat product made and trademarked by the Hormel Foods Corporation, first introduced in 1937. Before the product launched, a brother of a Hormel Foods executive gave the canned meat its official name, Spam. These recipes deliver a home run combination of clever naming, innovative technique and dazzling presentation. Sometimes I overlook the fact that cuts of meat as well as cutting and preparing meat can be confusing to some folks. Please be patient if your comment isn't immediately available. Spam is more than just tinned pork. I like it cold and sliced thinly on fresh crusty bread. Quick definitions from WordNet (spam) noun: unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk) noun: a canned meat made largely from pork verb: send unwanted or junk e-mail • The court opined that Hormel should lighten up because, even though SPAM is a high-quality product, it is already the butt of jokes because of “the public’s unfounded suspicion that SPAM is the product of less than savory ingredients. The Hormel Foods Corporation posted a sharply lower quarterly profit as rising costs at the Jennie-O turkey business more than offset demand for its Spam lunch meat. Nope. Now lovers of the pantry staple need to check their stash because Hormel recalled more than 200,000 pounds of spam due to oral injuries stemming from metal pieces in the cans. Footnotes for HORMEL SPAM, Luncheon Meat, pork with ham, minced, canned Source: Nutrient data for this listing was provided by USDA SR-21. 2009. 1939) is when the tractor driver takes a lunch break near a tenant house and eats his sandwich of white bread, pickle, cheese, and SPAM. A. The acronym for SPAM might not be what you'd expect To most email marketers, the term SPAM is a word that is well-known: Messages that consist of unsolicited advertisements, typically sent as a mass email. It comes from the canned meat brand of that name, which was mentioned, I believe, in Monty Python's Flying Circus, in a sketch where all the items on a menu contained spam. Spiced Pork And Meat definition, categories, type and other relevant information provided by All Acronyms. Spam — the square can of pork, salt, water, sugar The luncheon meat has been incorporated into dishes such as macaroni with fried egg and spam in chicken soup, as well as ramen. The issue with canned meat is that once it comes into contact with heat, the meat's cells break down and start to seep liquid, which can dry the meat out. Some of the recently proposed federal legislation includes the Anti-Spam Act of 2003, the Ban on Deceptive Unsolicited Bulk Electronic Mail Act of 2003, the Criminal Spam Act of 2003, and REDUCE Spam Act of 2003. bring home the bacon and fry it in a pan (june 2017) mandela effect bible changes - duration: 6:37. Definition of spam from the Collins English Dictionary. Freebase (0. My mother would make it for us all as another kind of treat. Check SPAM Abbreviation, SPAM meaning, SPAM Acronyms, and full name. The name SPAM wasn’t actually developed by advertisers and marketers. It took many tries for Hormel to perfect Spam as it is today. Spam is an acronym, Supply Pressed American Meat. It sells in over half of the countries in the world and yet there is no quiz about this bestselling meat product. See what SPAM® Brand can do! The phrase "spam mail" was inspired by the below 1970 Monty Python sketch in which the canned meat is portrayed as ubiquitous and inescapable -- kind of like the gajillion emails J. I’m not familiar with S. SPAM WAS BORN on July 5, 1937, in Austin, Minnesota— Guam is an acronym for “Give Us American Meat. In this section you can find synonyms for the word "Spam Acronym", similar queries, as well as a gallery of images showing the full picture of possible uses for this word (Expressions). s p a m. SPAM stands for Spiced Pork And Meat SPAM is an acronym noun (lowercase) Digital Technology. SPAM the meat is a chopped pork shoulder product mixed with a few other meats, salt, water, sugar and sodium nitrite. When cooked, flip it over on your steamer to drain liquid into the stock below. The contest took place in 1937, well after WWI and before WWII, casting further doubt on the "military packaging" story. To the majority, spam means no more than chopped meat in a can. Although the public has never received an official confirmation of what the word means, for years there have been whisperings that it is really an acronym. Learn everything there is to know– past and present– about this famous canned meat at the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota, a. Noun Pronunciation: "SpAHm" 1. The confusion has led some to speculate that Spam is an acronym for "Shoulder of Pork And Ham," but company line gives Kenneth Daigneau 122 meanings of SPAM acronym and SPAM abbreviation. What does SPAM mean in Funnies? This page is about the meanings of the acronym/abbreviation/shorthand SPAM in the Miscellaneous field in general and in the Funnies terminology in particular. com. disruptive online messages, especially commercial messages posted on a computer network or sent as email (often used attributively): Install spam blocker software and keep your email spam filters updated to protect your accounts from unsolicited spam. The name has been given to electronic spam through a Monty Python sketch, in which Spam was portrayed as ubiquitous and inescapable. Spam ( unsolicited email) is an unpalatable reality of computer use and a constant battle for the people who manage email flow. Spam Is For Eating --- Not Deleting. SPAM (which is always spelled in capital letters, as the trademark states) is a canned lunch meat made from pork shoulders and ham. This is about SPAM (yes, all caps), the iconic canned meat introduced in 1937 by Hormel. The humorous radio show Ask Dr. For Hormel's notorious luncheon meat, it's still a Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam world! The loved and loathed canned meat celebrates its 80th anniversary. Flatten meat mixture with a spatula then cover with aluminum foil. Unsolicited email, often of a commercial nature Over 3 million unverified definitions of abbreviations and acronyms in Acronym Attic. It was invented by George Hormel & Co. Now, take a ton of email that's not spam -- in the biz, they call that "ham" -- and do the same. Spam can come in a variety of forms, although the most common is unsolicited commercial email. Ken Daigneau, the brother of a Hormel executive, supplied the name: Spam, an acronym for spiced ham. Some comments on this web site are automatically moderated through our Spam protection systems. During the early years of Spam, Hormel’s competitors did use lips, snouts, even ears in their products, giving canned meat a bad rap. Builditive Oct 04, SPAM (it's short for spiced ham, by the way) is the staple diet of many Filipinos and is found in almost every food cupboard in the Philippines. American luncheon meat of unknown and oft-speculated contents. According to Hormel's Honolulu police spoke to the New York Post regarding the Spam capers. in Austin, Minnesota, where my mother was born, was named for "spiced ham. revolution you’ll remember that Spam was a kind of canned meat. . 00 off two SPAM products . Enjoy the best canned meat meals using easy recipes and a variety of delicious, high-quality SPAM® meat. But back in the 1930s SPAM was known as a brand of canned pre-cooked meat. Allacronyms. The product was introduced in 1937 by the Hormel Company of Austin, Minn. SPAMtm is the name of a meat product by Hormel. In this skit, a group of Vikings sang a chorus of "spam, spam, spam . Much to the chagrin of Hormel Foods, maker of the canned "Shoulder Pork and hAM"/"SPiced hAM" luncheon meat, the term "spam" has today come to mean network abuse, particularly junk E-mail and massive junk postings to USENET. " The name Spam is thought to be a combination of the words 'spiced' and 'ham' or an acronym for 'special processed American meat' Spam is made from pork shoulder and ham, along with salt, water After the majority of the U. It would make an awesome addition to your bedroom, Kitchen, Laboratory or desk. ” This has often confused me because as far as I know, SPAM is not an acronym and doesn’t stand for anything, it’s only slang for Unsolicited Commercial Email. com! 'SPiced HAM' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. Great for Sunday breakfast when you’re just too lazy to thaw anything from the freezer but don’t wanna have the usual toast for such an important family day. What does SPAM stand for? SPAM abbreviation. S. It has a much better flavor. 4 By providing Spam on the front lines, Hormel could use this consumption It is named for Spam, a luncheon meat, by way of a Monty Python sketch in which Spam is included in almost every dish. ” The ad brought howls of derision from GIs. When we speak of spam in reference to unsolicited commercial email (commonly abbreviated to UCE) the acronym S-P-A-M does not stand for anything to do with messaging or email. The original SPAM®, a trademarked canned meat product, is much earlier, named in 1 In the 21st century we probably associate the word SPAM with the dozens of annoying emails we receive daily. Suburban Chicago last month: “A mother faced a visit from police and an Illinois Department of Children and Family Services investigation after she allowed her 8-year-old daughter to walk the family’s dog around the block alone. SPAM delight tonight It's SPoiled hAM in a blue can Barf it in toilet SPAM is a canned, precooked meat product (originally ham, but now SPAM from a variety of meats is available). soldier's diet. CAN-SPAM stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003. If you are a meat eater (and can handle a bit of sodium), I’d suggest giving a can of this a try. " A Social Plague Like viruses, spam has become a scourge on the Internet as more than 200 billion unwanted messages are transmitted daily. [8] The difficulty of delivering fresh meat to the front during World War II saw Spam become a ubiquitous part of the U. a. Another popular explanation is that Spam is an acronym standing for "Specially Processed American Meat" or "Specially Processed Army Meat". You take every word that's in the spam and count how many times it appears. this is best website to find all expanded names. Although the ingredient list of this canned, pre-cooked meat is short—pork shoulder, ham, water, sugar—it’s the preservative qualities of Spam that set Heh, so I’m re-reading through the archive again and it occurs to me how different this may have turned out had the strip been from say a year or so later: we might have had a FNAF reference! Heh, so I’m re-reading through the archive again and it occurs to me how different this may have turned out had the strip been from say a year or so later: we might have had a FNAF reference! Another popular explanation is that Spam is an acronym standing for Specially Processed American Meat or Specially Processed Army Meat, the difficulty of delivering fresh meat to the front during World War II saw Spam become a ubiquitous part of the U. Printable Coupon for Spam Canned Meat! February 20, 2012 By kourt Leave a Comment If you like Spam, you’d better get this printable coupon for $1. What does SPAM stand for?. Steam for an hour. a The CAN-SPAM Act requires the Federal Communications Commission to issue rules with regard to commercial e-mail and some text messages sent to wireless devices such as cell phones—not e-mail in general. He won $100 for suggesting the name. As such, it is one of America's truthiest products, as it relies on a gut instinct that it does, indeed, contain meat of some sort. Meaning of SPAM. Pork shoulder/ham, salt, water, sugar, and sodium nitrite were the original ingredients (Hormel added potato starch in 2009), and official explanations of the name have ranged from an acronym of "shoulder of pork and ham" to "spiced ham". There are several explanations, but the most common one is that theterm SPAM originally came from "spiced ham. The slang word / phrase / acronym spam means . Spam or luncheon fries can be quite common these days. 7573. The 'mystery meat' is 80-years-old today. The official SPAM home page has a time line showing the name "SPAM" being the winning entry in a contest for finding a new name for "spiced ham". ‘Spam’ is an acronym derived from the words ‘spiced’ and ‘ham’. Another popular explanation is that SPAM is an acronym standing for “Specially Processed American Meat”. The use of spam has been growing in popularity since the early 1990s and is a problem faced by most email users. Love it or hate it, Spam – a variation of the words “spiced ham” or an acronym for “Specially Processed American Meat,” depending on your vantage point – has been around long enough to have sold 5 billion cases since being introduced in 1937, according to Hormel, the product’s manufacturer. Food(warm meat protein and sugar) Acidity(unless he's salting his ground beef prior to thawing, bacteria is having a field day) Enter a text into the text field and highlight one or several words with the mouse to look up a translation. Food, Forum, Meat, Ham. A canned, precooked perennial for home cooks for nearly 80 years, SPAM is also a favorite for When my husband and I got hitched, we lived on Spam luncheon meat for the first couple of years of our marriage, along with some other questionable foodstuffs like Vienna Sausages, and potted meat. SPAM is chopped pork shoulder meat with ham, salt, water, sugar, and sodium nitrite. Science claimed it is an acronym for "Scientifically such as Lego or Kleenex, people often refer to similar meat products as "Spam". It can wake up,Alert you when dinners ready, Tell you when your centrifuge is done or when its home time. ). After several wanna-be's started coming out Hormel wanted to find a name that really stuck out from the competition. There are other brands of similar canned pork meat products, but Spam—made by Hormel Foods Corporation—is the original and the best-selling of the brands. Some theories include a mashup of the words “Spiced Ham” or “Shoulders of Use of the term "spam" was adopted as a result of the Monty Python skit in which our SPAM meat product was featured. Another theory was that Spam was an acronym for “Specially Processed American Meat” or “Specially Processed Army Meat” (World War II began soon after the brand was launched, and the cans became a staple in the diet of US troops, as it was difficult to get fresh meat at the warfront). This cost is ordinarily for your upscale inn, holiday resort or massage. Before the word referred to mass unsolicited emails, Spam was known only as a tasty canned meat product. Spam was advertised as the “Miracle Meat,” but it easily could have been called the Hawaii hosts an annual Spam festival (aptly titled the Spam Jam) that showcases creative preparations of the meat. For instance, do you know where the name, SPAM®, came from? I can tell you it isn’t an acronym for “something posing as meat”. We're not trying to censor you, the system just wants to make sure you're not a robot posting random spam. It was a cream sauce over the chipped beef, a reddish beef that seemed its own cut of meat. Stupid, pointless, annoying messages. ” [Joel Shannon, USA Today “The excessive amount of Spam mentioned in the sketch is a reference to the preponderance of imported canned meat products in the United Kingdom, particularly a brand of spiced ham (SPiced hAM Origin of the term "spam" to mean net abuse. spam (spăm) n. SPAM WAS BORN on July 5, 1937, in Austin, Minnesota— the home of Hormel headquarters and the SPAM museum #cubistartyoucaneat. Spam may also be an acronym for "sales promotional advertising mail" or "simultaneously posted advertising message. in 1937. It doesn't have much spice or ham though. O. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations. This etymological bombshell set Radio 2 to wondering - just how many other words Before “spam” became a ubiquitous term for unsolicited e-mail, there was Spam, the canned meat&#151as the Hormel Co. Ground meat products like sausage, potted meats, and SPAM are usually made of the less appetizing (by themselves) morsels of flesh. Patented meat cuts Not a new story, but new to me: Oklahoma State University says it has been awarded patent as well as trademark protection on what is called the Vegas Strip Steak, a part of the cow previously consigned to ground beef and other humble uses. Spam is made by the Hormel Foods Corporation. Introduced on July 5, 1937, the name "SPAM" was chosen in the 1930s when the product, whose original name was far less memorable (Hormel Spiced Ham), began to lose market share. Today, Guam consumes more than 16 cans of Spam per person, per year — more than any other country or territory. 00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition:. It was named in 1936. This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of spam is. Only the best funny Spam jokes and best Spam websites as selected and voted by visitors of Joke Buddha website Another popular explanation is that Spam is an acronym standing for "Specially Processed American Meat" or "Specially Processed Army Meat". really stand for. The thieves go into the store in pairs and walk out with a case of the product that is a mere $2. This is simply two words shortened and put together. Or, you can buy spiced can ham, such as SPAM (SPAM is and acronym for SPiced hAM), Treet, and other names. military force that occupied Guam during World War II left, the canned, preserved meat the soldiers ate stayed put. The product, which first hit shelves in 1937, has been celebrated, maligned, even turned into a Spam definition: 1. Canned meat. Other forms of electronic spam include search engine spam, instant messenger spam, forum spam and comment spam. It actually comes from the famous Monty Python's Flying Circus comedy skit by the same name. It has also been slung at Spam, the processed cans of meats that urban legend alleged was an acronym for “Spare Parts of Animal Meat” or “Scientifically Processed Animal Matter Spamtastic alarm clock that looks like a timeless can of spam. CROWN & SANDYS, Ombersley EATING OUT Here, she creates an aromatic spiced ham and shows you how to plan your big day. The crazy tasty Spam commercial from the 1990s(I think. Austin — SPAM Town USA. It is named for canned meat product, first introduced in 1937. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service regulates aspects of the safety and labeling of traditional (non-game) meats, poultry, and certain egg Shop for the perfect spam gift from our wide selection of designs, or create your own personalized gifts. Guam is an acronym for “Give Us American Meat. Nov. com All trademarks/service marks referenced on this site are properties of their respective owners. 19 So what the subject is, okay, so if it's something like, you know, buy such and such, a whole bunch of spam . Compared to those items, Spam, made by Hormel Foods, was a gourmet treat for us. In this section you can find synonyms for the word "spam acronym", similar queries, as well as a gallery of images showing the full picture of possible uses for this word (Expressions). is an acronym for “Specially Processed American Meat Some friends are at an eating place that only serves a processed meat product from the United States called SPAM. Image by cursedthing/Flickr The Science Behind Spam. There's the boring SP-iced h-AM theory, and then there are the more creative There is no truth to the urban legend that Spam is an acronym for "Scientifically Processed Animal Matter. For verified definitions visit AcronymFinder. Long before SPAM stood for unwanted blasts of email, it was an acronym for “Special Purpose Army Meat” and was a staple among U. Let’s Eat Outdoors has the one and only SPAM and all-meat Hormel Franks. Spam is one of the longest-running anachronisms in the American cupboard. These days ‘spam’ recalls an e-mail folder full of unwanted advances and potential scams. Spam was advertised as the “Miracle Meat,” but it easily could have been called the The word SPAM isn't a generic name - it's a trademark owned by the US company Hormel Foods. Spam's gelatinous glaze, or aspic, forms from the cooling of meat stock. I hate SPAM (both kinds, but I'm talking about the Hormel canned kind that us people from Hawaii are supposed to like). Austin is not only John Madden’s hometown, but more importantly it is where Hormel Foods has its flagship plant and international headquarters. But as Ted Genoways shows in his searing new book, The Chain: Farm, Factory, and the Fate of Our Food Best Answer: I love Spam and I think it is good for you. Much of the outrage generated by the meat industry involves the rough treatment of animals. The U. as a food acronym. It really is tasty and flavourful and is already cooked so I never fry it up. spam [not an acronym] written spam -- slang name for Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE; junk/bulk email) Some Place Around Montana / Missouri / Massachusetts / Mississippi / Maine :-) Spam Museum, a museum in Austin, Minnesota, US dedicated to the canned pork meat product Other uses [ edit ] Smooth-particle applied mechanics, the use of smoothed-particle hydrodynamics computation to study impact fractures in solids Spam definition is - unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as e-mails, text messages, or Internet postings) sent to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places. Nearly all hams sold today are either fully cooked or cured. Spam is an acronym standing for “Specially Processed American Meat”. How to use spam in a sentence. Sliced thinly and deep-fried, the crisps taste amazing because they do not use any batter around the luncheon meat before deep-frying. The company was founded by George A. " in an increasing crescendo, drowning out other conversation. I actually know, but it's more fun to come up with your own acronyms. unwanted email, usually advertisements: 3. Because the meat was precooked in the tin it was packaged in – each complete with a special “key” to open it – SPAM gained immense popularity worldwide, especially after its use to feed the troops during World War II. It’s not sure if anyone today knows what the word “Spam” actually means, but it is believed to be short for “spiced ham”, “spare meat”, or “shoulders of pork and ham”. I notice quite often that when people refer to spam (either inside our company or on the outside), they often say “SPAM. While the acronym’s actual meaning remains a mystery, they include “Shoulder Pork And Ham” “Something Posing As Meat. b. Spam (stylized SPAM) is a brand of canned cooked meat made by Hormel Foods Corporation. The Americans refused to buy this unappetizing product. I really like Hormel for Spam. com 1 meanings of SPAM acronym and SPAM abbreviation in Gaming. a Long before SPAM stood for unwanted blasts of email, it was an acronym for “Special Purpose Army Meat” and was a staple among U. net. (noun) Canned ham that you make a sandwich out of is an example of Spam. Guide to Meat Cuts. If you are following the "lean, finely textured beef" story, aka "pink slime," you are witnessing not only the frying of Beef Products Inc. to send someone an advertisement by email that they do not want. Bacteria needs any number proper conditions to grow, using the industry acronym "FAT TOM". The result is an unstoppable lineup of outdoor recipes: a virtual hall of fame of cookout creativity and eating excitement. Spam (stylized SPAM) is a brand of canned cooked meat made by Hormel Foods Corporation. ” Another popular explanation is that Spam is an acronym standing for "Specially Processed American Meat" or "Specially Processed Army Meat". Created by Hormel Foods in 1937 and promoted as "the miracle meat," it became K-ration fare for American GIs and Allied forces during World War II. Also as a new member of The Dividend Kings. The original SPAM®, a trademarked canned meat product, is much earlier, named in 1 The little blue can of the past, present and future! When the first SPAM ® brand can came off the production line in 1937, the world was forever changed. These are also great right out the can for sandwiches, or they can be grilled and served with eggs for a wonderful breakfast treat. In the future, you can use the information to create your website, blog or to start an advertising company. " It's just "spam" — it doesn't even get capitalized, unless it is at the beginning of a sentence or you are referring to the Hormel meat product. ” MY FAVORITE SCENE in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath It has also been slung at Spam, the processed cans of meats that urban legend alleged was an acronym for “Spare Parts of Animal Meat” or “Scientifically Processed Animal Matter It's been derided as a "mystery meat," yet approximately 33,000 pounds of SPAM is produced every hour. Email spam, also known as junk email, is unsolicited bulk messages sent through email. Spam is a shot version of spiced ham. Edit: Its form the 2000s. The app has SPAM® facts, SPAM® games, and SPAM® recipes. (noun) An example of spit is the foam like liquid that forms in the mouth. Spam E-mail is defined as an illegal and illicit electronic activity with the expressed intent to defraud. I've heard two stories as to how "spam" came to mean not only a dodgy processed lunch meat, but annoying messages on the Internet. How Can I Reduce the Amount of Spam I Get? Use an email filter. " The name is a combination of "spice" and "ham" (although the product contains neither one). Hormel Co. SPAM luncheon meat, whose name is a portmanteau of "spiced ham" has been unofficially assigned acronyms such as "Specially Processed Assorted Meat" and "Some Parts Are Meat December 12, 2006 Company Different state laws govern spam and its legal definition in the United States, and there is also the federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Ears, snouts and innards, A homogeneous mass--Pass another slice. SPAM Haiku: Ingredients SHAM-87. The disbursement of Spam E-mail involves the unsolicited transmission of electronic communication with the intent to defraud its recipients through the utilization of misrepresentation. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Spam turns 80 years old Wednesday, having survived relentless mockery and its lack of nutritional value. spam acronym meat